Accelerate app revenue

The platform of choice for developers


  • Increase game user LTV
  • Reduce advertising costs with house ads
  • High profits
  • 100% Revenue share
  • 100% Fill rate
  • Option for 100% house ads
  • Attract users & monetize
  • Exchange traffic with other apps
  • Icon optimization

User acquisition

Effective targeting solutions for your mobile app

Incentive CPI Ads

  • Promotion boost after initial release for sustained growth
  • Attract more users for higher ARPU and LTV
  • Promote in simlutaneously with an event to boost your rankings

Non-incentized CPI Ads

  • Attract high LTV users
  • Cost effective and low risk
  • Cost optimization tool


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Global Integrated Network

Top Android developers from around the world have integrated the Metaps SDK. Over 1 billion downloads have been recorded to date.

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