App Monetization Using AI & Big Data

Maximize your app's revenue and increase users through data analysis.

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Analytics tools based on Artificial Intelligence

By using AI to learn the success patterns of apps from a variety of angles, we can provide more accurate decision making than using intuition or experience alone.

In-app Analytics

Analyze your app's installs, sales, DAU, ARPPU, and a variety of key indicators with our analytics tools.

Advertising Effectiveness

Track in-bound routes, retention and LTV to gain a better understanding of your ad performance.

Competitive Analysis

Discover patterns of success in competing apps and get suggestions for improvement using AI.

Market Analysis

Record and analyze day-to-day changes in the app store to gain an understanding of the latest trends.

Marketing Automation

Artifical Intelligence is used to learn the actions of users and automate the process of app marketing.


Classify and manage users with indexes such as spend and activity rates.

Pattern Recognition

Improve your app contents based on observed user behavior patterns.


Maximize user LTV by retargeting ads to the proper segments.


Advertise to the right audience using data based on user interests.

Revenue Maximization

Through analysis of App Store data and user behavior history, we can match advertisement to publisher channel for maximum performance. We provide a reward and native advertising SDK to monetize non-paying users.

Reward Ad (OfferBoard)

Provide your users with rewards opportunities like downloading other apps or earning incentives through their actions.

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Native Ad (DirectAd)

Display fully customizable ads freely in your content. Create your own designs for various ad formats.

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Global Network

Metaps provides monetization support for app developers by analyzing market trends at our 8 offices located around the world.

  • Tokyo, Japan (HQ)
  • Shanghai, China
  • Seoul, S. Korea
  • Singapore
  • San Francisco, U.S.A
  • Hong Kong
  • Taipei, Taiwan
  • London, UK

1.2 Billion App Downloads

100 MillionUser-reach

For Ad Agencies and Publishers

We provide solutions for ad agencies and content publishers. Customizations such as feature additions, in-house tools, and industry news can be added to our product. Please inquire through this form for more details.