App Monetization Using AI & Big Data

Maximize your app's revenue with AI learning patterns of success.

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Using artificial intelligence to analyze the market gives you an edge over the competition

Data Visualization

Visualize the relationship between downloads and ranking in Google Play and the App Store.

Market Trend Awareness

Understand the trends of app markets in real time by watching ranking movements.

Discover patterns of success

Find similarly ranked apps to understand successful market patterns

Maximize earnings using data analysis

Up until now, the traditional method of app marketing was based on human experience and know-how.

Through use of decisions based on machine-learning we can achieve success with minimal risk.

Campaign Optimization

Optimize user-acquisition cost by allocating resources at the right time and on appropriate channels based on proven models.

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Revenue Maximization

Using the success factors of apps in each genre, maximize your in-app earnings and optimize advertising revenues with our customized matching technology.

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Campaign Performance Optimization

We determine the "when, where, to whom, and how" of app promotion by analyzing successful
models from Top Grossing ranked apps to determine the maximum ROI factors.

Campaign Launch Timing

By analyzing Google Play store trends, we can determine the best time to launch a campaign based on the state of competitor releases and user activity.

Ad Delivery Channels

We provide methods to suitably match ad content to delivery channels.

Global Market

Based on world market trends and country specific strategies, we help you select the best country to launch your campaign.


We select the most appropriate target users for your app campaign based on the vast audience data we have accumulated.

App Store optimization

Maximize organic installs by achieving high ranks, top search results and increasing listings as a related app on Google Play and the App Store.

Revenue Maximization

We provide a reward and native advertising SDK to monetize non-paying users.

Reward Ad (OfferBoard)

Provide your users with rewards opportunities like downloading other apps, and through their actions users can earn incentives such as virtual currency.

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Native Ad (DirectAd)

Display fully customizable ads freely in your content. Create your own designs for full-screen, icon, in-feed, and banner ad formats.

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Content Matching System

Through our aggregation and analysis of App Store data and records based on advertising trends, we can match advertisement to publisher channel for maximum performance. Doing so leads to optimum CTR and CVR and increases the value of each impression.

Global Network

Metaps provides monetization support for app developers by analyzing market trends at our 8 offices located around the world.

  • Tokyo, Japan (HQ)
  • Shanghai, China
  • Seoul, S. Korea
  • Singapore
  • San Francisco, U.S.A
  • Hong Kong
  • Taipei, Taiwan
  • London, UK