Data-Driven Economics

Data + Economics = Datanomics

“Datanomics” is a coined phrase made by combining the words “Data” and “Economics”. Our growth strategy is to create a data-driven economy through these business practices. We accelerate the company's growth by integrating the data of finance, marketing, and consumers.



Metaps provides a payment platform that mediates the exchange of money. We are comprehensively developing businesses related to money and technology.


Metaps provides all the features necessary for marketing in the mobile era. We fully support everything from data analysis to measuring advertising effectiveness in Apps and on the Web.


Metaps provides web services used by end-users directly. Cumulative knowledge gained through these services are utilized by all Metaps groups.

Accelerating Growth

“Datanomics” consists of four key elements. Our business model expands in both scale and efficiency in proprortion to the amount of learning we are able to accomplish through data.


Data Ingegration Management

All data accumulated by Metaps group businesses are integrated and managed in one place.


Iterative Machine Learning

We continually improve our business through machine learning, utilizing the PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) cycle.


Vertical Business Ingegration

We raise our profit ratio by advancing neighbor business domains and integrating the value chain.


Standardizing Fintech Infrastructure

We conclude all transactions in our group by standardizing the service payment infrastructure.

Core Technology

Laplace: Predicting the flow of money with AI

Laplace is an R&D project for understanding trends in the flow of money through AI. Laplace helps to create new services or to improve management efficiency by learning from data acquired by business and open data in the world.

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