Ex-Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada joins Metaps' board

Japanese UA platform Metaps has added experience to its board of directors with the appointment of ex-Square Enix CEO and president Yoichi Wada. Wada headed up the Japanese publisher from 2001 to 2013, and is now president of US/Japanese cloud gaming platform Shinra. He's also served a chairman of the Japanese Computer Entertainment Supplier's Association (CESA).

Japan's Metaps ties up with Yukai Engineering to help robotics companies make money

Tokyo-based Metaps, the startup best known for an app monetization platform using artificial intelligence, partnered with Japanese robotics and hardware startup Yukai Engineering towards launching a monetization platform for robotics startups. The new platform is called Metaps Robotics and willed be launched after this summer. Yukai Engineering has developed social communications robots such as Coconatch and Bocco, having extensive experiences in developing products utilizing internet and sensors. Joining forces, the two companies will try to establish a new business model leveraging the cloud, sensor, hardware technologies and apps to help drive the development of the robotics industry.

This market data tells you which country to launch your app in next

We used a scientific, data-based approach in determining which paths to success are available for app developers looking to expand globally. Using the Google Play top grossing charts of 12 primary app markets, we first determined similarity based on the number of shared titles. Secondly, we took a look at the genres that make up the top grossing charts and how similar they are between these countries. For the purpose of determining the degree of crossover between the top grossing app charts of two markets, we used the following logic:

App Monetization Player, Metaps, Grabs $36M To Push Deeper Into Big Data

Japanese company Metaps, which in recent times has sold services to Android developers to monetize their apps — offering an SDK that let app makers quickly incorporate in-app offers to increase user engagement and revenues — has pulled in a $36 million Series C round of financing from existing and new investors in Japan. The business has now raised a total of $51.2 million to date.Investors in the latest round are not being disclosed at this point but two years ago its $11 million Series B included investment from Fidelity Growth Partners Japan. The company has also previously partnered with social messaging platform Line as part of the latter’s virtual currency push, with Line Coin.

Metaps hauls in $36M, strengthens focus on payments and artificial intelligence

The typical Japanese startup never hits series C – good thing Metaps founder and CEO Katsuaki Sato does not mind standing out from the crowd. Sato’s firm is not gunning for an IPO, rather, Metaps announced today that it has nabbed JPY 4.3 billion (US$36 million) in a series C round. The full list of investors are not being disclosed at this time, but the company has confirmed that previous investors were included, though Sato declined to identify them. Given Metaps’ global reach, this means that Fidelity Growth Partners Japan, the only non-domestic VC firm among the existing investors is very likely involved.

Here’s what you need to know about China’s gaming and app markets

Metaps, an app monetization startup, recently released a report on the mainland China mobile gaming and app markets. It includes data on how people use phones to go online and get apps and advice on how to distribute apps and games to Chinese consumers.Metaps has also created a mobile advertising map for the country, as well as a record of how many mobile games have been released this year. You can check out the whole slideshow for yourself here.

Key takeaways from China’s mobile app market in 2014

Metaps, an app monetisation platform that uses AI and Big Data to maximise app revenue and optimise campaign performance, has released its overview of the Mainland China mobile app market for 2014. The report focusses on key areas including the mobile Internet environment, mobile device usage analysis, the size of the mobile gaming market, and the Android and iOS app markets.

Crime City and Castle Clash are the most asymmetric top grossing games

Metaps, the app monetization analyst, has scoured November's top grossing games across both the US App Store and Google Play, in part in order to study those entries which chart significantly higher on one store than the other.Comparing peak rank across both stores, the findings present some rather dramatic differences between platforms - GREE/Funzio's Crime City, for example, peaked at 31 places higher on the App Store than on Google Play.

Clash of Clans dominates the U.S. iOS and Google Play markets for 90% of 2014

Developer Supercell's Clash of Clans dominated the mobile-app market in the U.S. for 90 percent of 2014, according to an analysis by market researcher Metaps. Clash of Clans held the top spot on both the Apple App Store and Google Play for most of the year. Clash of Clans isn’t the most popular game in the world, but players are dedicated and competitive. They spend money in the game to keep up with their comrades in their clans, and the clans compete with each other to be No. 1 on the leaderboards.

Monster Strike is Japan’s new number one app, dethrones Puzzle & Dragons after two years

For the past two years, Puzzle & Dragons by GungHo Entertainment has reigned supreme atop the Google Play and App Store charts in Japan, raising the bar for all apps to try and attain the top ranking on both charts. In November it became apparent that Monster Strike from Mixi has surpassed Puzzle & Dragons as the number one app in Japan. A look at the Japan Google Play and App Store top grossing charts in 2014 reveals that November was the first time that Monster Strike spent more days than Puzzle & Dragons at number one on both charts in one calendar month.