Metaps Plus, A total of 11 patents were filed for the Blockchain technology filed in 2018. Achieve the largest registration in Korea.

South Korea's Block-chain registered 18 patents in 2016, 32 in 2017, and 103 last year, three times more than the previous year, making related industries actively growing every year.Metaps Plus registered 11 patents for Blockchain technology in 2018, ranking the top in the domestic industry.Of the patents filed in 2018, a total of 11 patents have been granted until January 2019. There are ‘Distributed Ledger Using Proof of Work for Game Difficulty Control Based on Blockchain’, and 'KYC implementer using KYC Blockchain’.As a result, Metaps plus has produced the largest number of patent applications ever filed for block-chain patents last year. It has become a pioneer of Blockchain technology in South Korea.In particular, 'KYC implementer using KYC Blockchain' is a technology that provides distributed director devices and methods to manage personal information through the user's digital wallet address and control the flow of tokens within the Blockchain. It is expected that the users will be satisfied with the fund procurement by using the cryptographic money because the transaction can be done transparently and quickly without complicated identification process.  

Smartcon Co., Ltd. entering the Chinese franchise market with Smartcon and SmartPlus.

Smartcon(CEO: Kim Jonghyun) has signed a business agreement with ZQC, a key subsidiary of China's largest franchise company Kuaidao group on the October 31st.Kuaidao group is the largest franchise company in the world with approximately 320,000 merchants in China.Kuaidao has approximately 127 premium brands and opening about 100 new stores daily. In addition, it operates about 873 franchise shops including Chinese local Korean restaurants such as Gyeongbok Palace and Han Sang-gung.

Metaps Plus and EMURGO Collaborate on Joint Launch of World’s First ADA CRYPTO CARD in South Korea〜Expanding cooperation to support demand for Cardano in the South Korean market 〜

Tokyo and Seoul, December 11, 2018 -Metaps Plus CEO Seungyeon Kim, the Seoul based subsidiary of Metaps Inc. (TSE: 6172) and EMURGO, the commercial development arm of Cardano, the leading third-generation blockchain ecosystem, has finished technical integration of ADA on the Metaps Plus platform and announced the joint launch of the world's first cryptocurrency card based with ADA cryptocurrency. The card enables users to spend their ADA at over 30,000 offline merchants in South Korea including well-known convenience stores such as Emart24. Users have the option of selecting a  mobile gift card or a physical gift card that works easily with mobile app recharge capabilities.Metaps Plus had received over  200 pre-orders for the physical ADA CRYPTO CARD which is available in denominations of 100 ADA and 1,000 ADA units for use at a wide selection of merchants in South Korea. Users can easily log onto Metaps Plus CRYPTO CARD website and go through KYC (Know Your Customer) process to buy the ADA CRYPTO CARD at the fixed rate offered to users from exchange and use it in QR code format.

Partnership announcement of Smartcon Co., Ltd., Korea Mobile Game Association, Korea Blockchain Contents Association

On December 5th, 2018, Smartcon Co., Ltd. (CEO Kim Jonghyun) announced a business partnership with the Korea Mobile Game Association and Korea Blockchain Contents Association to promote the development of Korea’s game and blockchain industry. The partnership will help building a triangle business model of blockchain, games, and mobile coupons by establishing a mobile coupon platform in the game market, where blockchain technology is rapidly integrated.Smartcon will support the development and deployment of blockchain-based item trading platform for the member companies of the Korea Mobile Game Association, starting with the launch of game exclusive gift coupons.

Notification of Personnel Changes

We hereby announce that the following personnel changes effective on November 29, 2018. Since Katsuaki Sato, founder of Metaps Inc., became CEO in 2007, under his strong leadership, the company has been fully engaged in creating customer value through expanding its business domain from marketing to finance and other new businesses.  To further bolster our business competitiveness and reinforce the earnings structure, the company is announcing a series of changes at the top.Sato will remain as Chairman and continue to be primarily involved in generating new businesses ideas with long-term perspective while Yamazaki, new CEO, is responsible for the day to day management of the business.

Metaps Group announces the establishment of a new holding company "Metaps Entertainment Limited" for further business expansion into the Greater Chinese market.

In the highly uncertain business environment of technology industry, Metaps group aims to build a strong management system that can respond quickly/flexibly to the market changes. Each company / business is classified as continuous growth and discontinuous growth, and the new company is to compile the greater china businesses with the aim of reinforced business foundation for further expansion.Hong Kong's marketing company KOL Media Ltd., Taiwanese advertising agency Luminous Co. Ltd., Singapore's marketing company Metaps Pte Ltd., Chinese marketing company Metaps Shanghai Co., Ltd., and Metaps Greater China Operations, are to be under the responsibility of Metaps Entertainment Limited.Metaps group will strive for further growth and strengthening competitiveness, including strategic alliances with external partners, based on the knowledge and data that have been cultivated so far

Metaps Plus, Casual Mobile Games ‘Digstar’ has launched at Google Play!

Metaps Plus has launched Casual Mobile Games ‘Digstar’ at ‘Google Play’ in 154 countries around the world on 26th Nov.‘Digstar’ is a casual game that travels the planet and decorates ‘My Planet’. Social networking features that allow you to visit or invite your friends' stars can also be added to build a variety of relationships.‘Creature fusion system’ can collect and combine creatures with different characteristics to create more powerful creatures.‘Creature fusion system’ can create about 5 million creatures. It is possible to deal with users on the web exchange.

Blockchain-based platform Company Upside officially opened the exchange UPXIDE which keeps the base.

Upside, a subsidiary of Metaps Plus, a mobile fintech and blockchain company, announced that it had officially opened UpXide on October 30, 2018.There have been many cryptocurrency exchanges however there are a lot of security vulnerabilities within those exchanges. In recent years, it has been the case that the basic things that must be observed on the exchange, such as blocking unfair trading such as cage pumping, have not been met.On the other hand, UpXide is preparing ISO27001 certification, AML(anti-money laundering) system, maintenance of user assets in cold wallet, internal network separation, internal control DRM solution, and introducing dynamic security for hacking source blocking(Server / App security solution) as well.UpXide has added an enhanced chart that emphasizes the security of the user with an enhanced authentication step and added various chart options. It enables not only a real-time view of the investor's asset status at a glance, but also quick deposit and withdrawal service, And focusing on providing a convenient trading environment. 

Smartcon Participated in the production of web variety show 'SWITCH'.

Smartcon, which is the subsidiary of Metaps Plus and one of Metaps Group companies, creates web entertainment 'SWITCH' for its branding and securing members of Smart Plus.THE BOYZ, the popular Idol Boy Group debuted in 2018, was selected.The Boyz consists of a total of 12 members and has excellent looks and outstanding talents, and rarely has a very strong fandom as a newcomer.Five of the fans or team who write the story to Smart Plus, will be selected for filming, and the filming will take place during November.It will be broadcasted twice a week from November 27 (Tue) to December 28 (Fri), 10 times in total, and the broadcasting time is 4:30 PM.Broadcasts can be viewed through the Smart Plus app, and can be viewed on SBS Mobidic and its affiliated channels.

Metaps Plus plans to launch block chain based digital asset trading platform “TEMX” together with the release of casual mobile game “Dig Star”

On October 15, 2018, Metaps Plus (CEO Kim Seung-Yeon), Metaps’ Korean subsidiary, has announced that it will release casual mobile game 'Dig Star' over 154 countries around the world in November. The pre-registrants for Dig Star have already reached more than 200 thousand people and it attracts a great deal of interests from many users.Dig Star is a casual game that people can decorate 'My Planet' by building up infra through traveling around the planet and collecting their resources. Users can enjoy building a variety of relationships with social networking that allow you to visit or invite the stars of friends.