Metaps has established “MCG Asia Pte. Ltd.” in Singapore to expand blockchain related business

Metaps Inc. (Head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Katsuaki Sato) established "MCG Asia Pte. Ltd." in Singapore to strengthen the global expansion of blockchain related business.

In recent years, the appearance of blockchain technology and the development of cryptocurrency markets have brought huge changes in environment surrounding the industry. On the other hand, the lack of the rules in the industry, such as legal, accounting and tax-related areas, has become a challenge for further business promotion.

Singapore, however, has been superior to other countries with various factors including that it has a strong backing system for blockchain projects. Therefore, Metaps has selected Singapore as a new business development base so as to create a lot of new products and services globally.

Maintaining closely-connected cooperation with Japan, Singapore, the Greater China, and South Korea’s blockchain teams, Metaps Group is to aim at establishment of Metaps Crypto Ecosystem through not only working on cryptocurrency exchange, but also providing a wide range of services, such as offline payment system utilizing cryptocurrency, digital asset exchange and DAPPS.

[New Company Overview]
  Company Name: MCG Asia Pte. Ltd.
  Foundation: December 2018 (TBD)
  Representative: Yuichiro Yamazaki

[About Metaps]
Metaps is engaged in marketing, finance and consumer businesses, focusing on data centering on Japan, the Greater China and South Korea, under the mission of changing the future of money and economy through innovative technologies. Putting those business domains together, Metaps aims to create new market and accelerate growth.

Company name: Metaps Inc. 

Establishment: September 3, 2007

Location: Mita 1 - chome, 4 - 1, Minato - ku, Tokyo 

Capital: 5,419 million yen

Business description: Marketing business, Finance business, Consumer business