Strategic Guidelines 2015 to Create a Mega-Hit App with Monthly Sales of $10 Million in Japan

The App Store and Google Play Japan markets have continued to grow in 2015, and games make up around 90% of the apps ranked on the Top Grossing charts. The trend of games as platforms is continuing. App development and user acquisition costs are increasing along with the expansion of the app market, raising the bar for the return needed by developers to produce satisfactory ROI. The level of sales for apps at the very top of the Top Grossing charts have continued to increase as a rapid pace.

Is there a correlation between chart rankings and app developer stock price?

We conducted an analysis to determine the correlation between a publicly traded app developer's rankings on the Top Grossing chart and the fluctuation in their stock price. For the purpose of this analysis, we compared the following variables: Stock price fluctuation: We used 4 different metrics indicating the end of trading daily price, as well as the "moving average" (average rate measured over a period of time) for 5, 25 and 75 days (MA5/MA25/MA75)

App market data analysis: Guide for developers to decide which regions to target next

We took a scientific approach to determining which paths to success are available for app developers looking to expand globally, by utilizing our data and an  analytical approach. With the Google Play Top Grossing charts of 12 primary app markets, we first determined to what degree any two markets shared specific apps in their charts. Secondly, we took a look at the genres that make up the Top Grossing charts and how similar they are between these countries.

LINE platform reaches nearly 75% of Taiwan population, dominates app charts

Taiwan remains a market of particular interest to app developers looking to break into Asia. As profiled in a previous Metaps blog post, Taiwan provides a strong gateway to Asia because of its chart similarity to Japan, regional influence on the Greater Chinese market, and its comparitively high level of English ability. With the Taipei Game Show later this month, we took a look at recent trends in the Taiwan app market in the month of December.  

Mainland China Mobile App Market 101: What you need to know

This report by Metaps is a concise overview of the app marketplace in Mainland China, designed for app developers looking to expand into China. *The mobile internet environment *Mobile device usage analysis *Size of mobile gaming market *Android app market *iOS app market *Case study The report is available to view or download on Slideshare.

Game of War gains on #2 Candy Crush Saga, is #1 Clash of Clans next? (US 2014 Analysis)

A 2014 US App Store/Google Play market review should be titled something like this: "Clash of Clans dominates charts, Candy Crush Saga a distant second place." A look at the days spent at #1 on either Top Grossing chart shows that "Clash of Clans" held the top spot for over 90% of the year, on both charts. While certainly being newsworthy, this isn't breaking news. The most interesting movement on the Top Grossing charts is what is currently happening at #2. In November, "Game of War : Fire Age" (Machine Zone) was able to push "Candy Crush Saga" aside and reach #2 Top Grossing on both charts in one calendar month, for the first time.

King and Supercell dominating UK app market (Oct 2014 Analysis)

The United Kingdom (UK) has a population of over 60 million people, which ranks 5th in Europe behind Russia, Germany, Turkey and France (in that order). As a primary English-speaking market, along with the US, the UK plays an important role in the global app market for developers who are looking to expand their user base globally. We conducted an analysis of the UK Google Play Top Grossing, Top Free and Top New Free charts for the month of October.

Metaps Invites LINE Free Coins to Developer Event in Beijing

Metaps hosted an event in Beijing with LINE's Free Coins Team as guest speakers, to reach out to Chinese developers and present successful app monetization strategies in Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. Representatives from 50 developers were in attendance and speakers from Metaps and LINE discussed recent shifts in the Greater China app market, as well as presenting case studies of the solutions offered by Metaps and LINE.

Could Hong Kong be the key to unlocking the Greater China app market?

Hong Kong has a population of only 7 million people, on an area of only 650 square miles. However, Hong Kong is an app market with particular influence on mainland China, and a particularly effective starting point for developers planning to expand into Asia. Hong Kong is located only 500 miles from Taiwan, and they share many similarities. In the case of the app market, the fact that they share Traditional Chinese as a common language is the most important factor. 

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