Metaps Invites LINE Free Coins to Developer Event in Beijing

October 29, 2014 @ Crowne Plaza Beijing

Metaps hosted an event in Beijing with LINE's Free Coins Team as guest speakers, to reach out to Chinese developers and present successful app monetization strategies in Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. Representatives from 50 developers were in attendance and speakers from Metaps and LINE discussed recent shifts in the Greater China app market, as well as presenting case studies of the solutions offered by Metaps and LINE.

The event began with presenters from LINE discussing the success of their LINE Free Coins service, which leverages their massive user base by offering a high performing CPI solution with LINE Free Coins, and a CPV solution with LINE Free Coins Video. 


LINE Free Coins

LINE has over 54 million users in Japan, and LINE also has a strong market share across Asian markets such as Thailand (33 million) and Taiwan (17 million). 

LINE Free Coins Video

The LINE audience is a much younger demographic than that for TV advertising. 


As an agency for LINE Free Coins and LINE Free Coins Video, Metaps and LINE have been working together globally to deliver the LINE Free Coins products to developers and offer customized solutions to developers everywhere. CEO of Metaps China Richard Zheng presented at the event and commented, "Our relationship with LINE has been extremely successful and we are looking forward to continuing to work together on expanding the range of solutions we provide to developers."

About Metaps

Metaps supports app monetization by providing app store and other data analysis services to developers. If you would like to find out more about Metaps or LINE Free Coins/LINE Free Coins Video, please contact us for a consultation.
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