Kakao is still boss in Korea but market more open to non-platform successes like Clash of Clans

Korea boasts the #3 market for Android apps in the world, behind only Japan and the United States in revenue. In a country that Samsung dominates as its home market, nearly three-quarters of smartphone users are on Android, making Korea a very attractive market for Android app developers. We conducted an analysis of the Korea Google Play Top Grossing, Top Free and Top New Free charts for the month of October.

LINE, King and Supercell are hot in Taiwan, an easier and effective entry point into Asia

Taiwan has a population of 23 million people, but despite being nearly one fifteenth the size of the US population, it ranks #5 on Google Play for worldwide sales. According to a Yahoo study, Taiwanese people rank #1 in the world for average daily smartphone use with nearly 200 minutes (average of 32 nations was 142 minutes). These factors make Taiwan an attractive market that should be on the radar of developers worldwide.

Role playing games overtake card battle as Japan's new hot genre

We conducted an analysis of popular app categories on the Google Play Top Grossing, Top Free and Top New Free charts, for the month of September. On the Top Grossing chart, Role Playing is currently the most popular category, with a category frequency rate of 18.9% in September. This is in contrast to how the Japanese market was formerly dominated by card battle games, as the Card category only ranks 4th, behind Role Playing, Casual and Simulation games. Of Google Play's 44 categories, the top 10 most popular categories made up 81.9% of all Top Grossing app appearances in September, indicating that a vast majority of apps monetizing well come from only a few select categories.

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