Taiwan, an Easier and Effective Entry Point into Asia

Home to the world’s leading electronics contract makers, Taiwan has the ingredients to foster a thriving startup ecosystem. But the island has yet to produce a tech startup that’s a household name, and industry insiders have cited many reasons for the situation, such as small market size, insufficient government support, and entrepreneurs’ small-market mentality. The innovation environment of Taiwan was even once lambasted by Kai-fu Lee, ex-Google China chief and current CEO of Innovation Works, as diseased. “Some tough medicine should be taken to cure it”, added Lee.

RPGs overtake card battle games as most popular mobile game genre in Japan

Move over, card games. Roleplaying games – RPGs – are now the most popular mobile game genre for Android users in Japan. App monetization platform Metaps discussed why in a blog post where it analyzed the top grossing categories in Japan’s Google Play store for September 2014. The card game, once a dominant genre, is now ranked fourth, behind the roleplaying, casual, and simulation categories. While its average revenue per user (ARPU) is still above average, there are also fewer new releases in that category, showing that the card battle game is finally running out of steam.

RPGs take top grossing share from card-collection games on Japanese Google Play charts

According to Japanese mobile specialist Metaps, the local market is undergoing a subtle shift in terms of the strengths of different top grossing genres. Looking back over the period July to September 2014, the #1 category of role-playing games has increased its domination. Its share of top grossing games on the Japanese Google Play chart has risen from 17 percent to 19 percent. Cutting the deck Meanwhile, over-saturation and perhaps even audience boredom have seen card-collection games drop from over 10 percent to 9 percent; quite a significant shift during the three month period.

Highlights from day 1 afternoon sessions at Startup Asia Tokyo 2014

Day one of Startup Asia Tokyo continued rumbling along into the afternoon. While investors and entrepreneurs roamed Bootstrap Alley, the conference hall remained packed with attendees wanting to hear insights and opinions for the all-star panel of guest speakers.Metaps has quickly become a valuable resource for app developers. The company’s core service – data-driven advice on how to increase in-app downloads – has reached 100 million users. Founder and CEO Katsuaki Sato has spoken at length about this service in the past so he focused this talk more on how he sees his company evolving in the future.He noted that it is a mistake to assume that the smartphone age means that the IT industry must be centred in the United States. For him, he wants his company to be truly global, with 800 million users within two years. He wants to get into underserved countries like India, Brazil, and Africa.

Metaps presents pre-TGS event Tokyo Mobile Game Night on September 17th

Metaps will be presenting another pre-Tokyo Game Show mobile game industry mini-conference on September 17th, at V2 Tokyo. The theme of this year's event is "How to succeed in the global mobile game market", and there will be sessions with industry leaders followed by a reception where attendees can meet and talk with other mobile game developers.

Get the dirt on how little-known Metaps roped in Line and Zynga as clients (#StartupAsia preview)

Companies large and small are always eager to get their apps in front of eyeballs, and equally keen to measure how much money they’re making from ads. As a result, a number of startups have emerged that aim to take up the burden of promoting and advertising for developers. One of the more successful startups to specialize in app monetization is Metaps, a Tokyo-based firm that offers various user-acquisition tools and analytics for startups. With just US$16.5 million to date in funding, the company has landed Kakao, Line, Baidu, Zynga, and others as clients. See: Android apps connected to Japan’s Metaps have been downloaded 1 billion times How’d they do it? Metaps CEO Katsuaki Sato will be speaking at TIA’s upcoming Startup Asia Tokyo 2014 to spill the beans and share his insights on how to win in the competitive adtech industry. If you’re working in mobile adds or app monetization, you’re not gonna want to miss it.

The Zero Solution: Metaps Introduces Native Ad Platform DirectAd

A product update that allows developers to integrate ads into a user interface in a consistent format has just gone live. Metaps has announced the renewal release of zero commission CPC smartphone ad network DirectAd, (formerly known as DirectTap). The complete site redesign has gone live, introducing its new native advertising platform in detail. Developers can access DirectAd Native Ad Format to customize the layout in their apps without compromising user experience. According to Metaps, developers can now “integrate advertisements into walls and timelines that blend into the natural environment of their apps. Through DirectAd, Metaps is committed to providing a variety of native advertising solutions to their network partners.” Interestingly, Metaps takes no commission on ad revenue earned on DirectAd. The firm allows developers to keep all ad revenue they generate on the network.

Metaps Launches Rebranded DirectAd Network Native Mobile App Ad Platform

Metaps is rebranding its zero commission CPC smartphone ad network, now named DirectAd, (formerly known as DirectTap). The company has implemented a new branded site redesign to introduce new updates to its native Android advertising platform. The DirectAd native ad format enables developers to customize the layout in their app to complement the user experience. Developers can integrate advertisements into walls and timelines that blend into the natural environment of their apps. Metaps takes no commission on ad revenue earned on DirectAd, which allows developers to keep all ad revenue they generate on the network. 

Android apps connected to Japan’s Metaps have been downloaded 1 billion times – find out what the firm is working on now

Katsuaki Sato, founder and CEO of app monetization startup Metaps, sees no need to hide his company’s global amibitions. Where many young entrepreneurs are content to steadily grow in Japan and then carefully consider international markets, Sato has fought to create an international service since 2010, the firm’s third year of existence. His aggressive expansion has been a success. The priority of the Japanese market has given way to the United States and China’s where Metaps’ have helped local apps monetize. The company will not reveal exact usage statistics but has confirmed that apps which use its monetization platform have an aggregated one billion app downloads in the Google Play store (the platform is not currently available on iOS). The firm has recently started offering a payment solution and is even exploring a bold strategy that could solve the cross-border trade issues plaguing multinational sellers. Metaps core business model is simple. It gives data driven advice on how to increase in-app purchases as well as downloads of other apps. Done improperly, monetization firms can easily run afoul of the App Store or the Google Play Store but Metaps has managed to steer clear of similar issues so far. Aside from obvious corporate clients, the company is also courting the good will of developers, having just launched a zero commission smartphone ad network. Investors have taken notice of the company’s promise and track record. After receiving a series A of US$5.5 million in February 2012, Metaps also pocketed a sweet US$11 million in a series B round from March 2013. The funding went straight to global expansion, helping explain how the aggregate download number went from only 10 million during August 2011 to August to over one billion now.