Metaps buys market intelligence outfit AppDataBank

Following App Annie's acquisition of rival Distimo, there's been more consolidation in the app analytics sector. Japanese Android monetisation company Metaps has announced it's acquired App Data Bank. The size of the deal wasn't disclosed.  It's a Japanese language app ranking and analytics outfit that provides an App Annie-style web-based service to track the performance on apps and games on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Metaps said it expects the deal to generate synergies by providing its clients with deeper understanding of markets and app ecosystems.

Japan’s Metaps acquires app ranking and analytics site AppDataBank

Tokyo-based Metaps, the company behind the app monetization platform of the same name, announced yesterday that it has acquired app ranking and analytics site App Data Bank. Since its launch back in 2011, App Data Bank has been publishing reports about app ranking and market analytics for mobile app developers. Through the acquisition, Metaps expects to create synergy with their primary business that helps developers monetize their apps in over 200 countries worldwide.

Metaps startup: over one billion downloads recorded to date

The Tokyo-based monetization platform, Metaps, has been a part of some progressive developments. They partnered with Kakao corporation, the company that developed the messaging app KakaoTalk. Both companies aimed at helping third party application developers to market and monetize their apps. Metaps also appropriated $11 million in a series B development funding from Fidelity Growth Partners Japan, which it generated to secure its Asian market expanse. The Metaps monetization and traffic boosting platform runs on Android and provides application developers with a software development kit (SDK). The participating Android applications using Metaps platform have garnered a massive one billion downloads recorded to date, and Metaps revenue has grown exponentiall. Android smart phone sales have increased globally with a 60% average monthly rate. This has been largely part of the contribution of smart phone makers in Korea and Taiwan juxtaposed with the Android operating system’s commercial use, generating an Android application market, to which games have been categorically at the forefront contributing to the success of Metaps using developers.

Metaps Platform: The New Destination For Android App Developers?

The “Metaps Platform,” created by the Japanese start-up company Metaps Incs., is an advertising network for Android enabled Smartphone which provides a place for developers to simultaneously achieve both low-risk Cost per Install (CPI) based promotion and continuous revenue generated by ads. What Makes The Metaps Platform Special? Since starting its work from August, 2011, the Metaps Platform has primarily focused on expanding its business in Asia, while supporting and providing consultation to app developers mostly from China, Japan, South Korea, South East Asia as well as North America. As the Chinese and American Smartphone markets are the highest in the world, with further growth expected in the future, in 2012 Metaps Inc. set up offices in Silicon Valley and Hong Kong to support the expansion of their global platform and to strengthen alliances with local app developers there. To match the growing market in Asia, Metaps Inc. had also setup an office in Singapore, 

35 startups in Asia that caught our eye

Here’s our newest round-up of the featured startups on our site this week. If you have startup tips or story suggestions, feel free to email us or tell us about your startup on this form. Any juicy tech news tips go here. Enjoy this week’s list! 1. Metaps | Japan Metaps is an Android monetization platform from Japan that has recently launched its new product – Spike, which looks to challenge Paypal by attracting ecommerce merchants and businesses to its new, zero-commission epayment service. Currently, it is still in private beta, and it’s now available to online sellers in the US.

Apps using Japan’s Metaps monetization platform downloaded a billion times

Japanese app monetization platform Metaps announced today that all the mobile apps using its monetization platform have achieved a cumulative total of 1 billion downloads worldwide. While the company doesn’t disclose how many apps or developers have adopted the platform to date, the number of downloads has risen in the past few months, especially after establishing partnerships with Line and Kakao to help app developers using those messaging platforms monetize better. These partnerships were particularly instrumental in the company’s rapid growth. Metaps' monetization platform consists of three different solutions: DirectTap, a cost per click-based ad network; Exchange, a traffic exchange network for participating apps; and Metaps OfferWall, a reward ad platform. Since launching back in in 2011, the company has been focusing on providing solutions to developers in Asian markets like Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Singapore. Metaps launched a new office in Shanghai in late 2013 to intensify its marketing efforts in mainland China.

How to make the most of Android's dramatic rise in Asia

David McCarthy is the director, platform division business alliance team at Metaps. It recently opened access to its zero commission pay-per-click advertising network DirectTAP. As ever, the latest Q3 2013 numbers released by App Annie make for interesting reading. They tell a story that has been apparent for some time now: while Android is leading the way in terms of downloads, Apple remains far ahead in terms of revenue. But that story gets a little more interesting when you look a little more deeply at the numbers. What it shows is that there is an increasingly attractive opportunity for developers who are willing to focus on Android development.

App Monetization Service Metaps Announced DirectTAP, a Freemium Ad Network with Zero Commissions

Tokyo-headquartered app monetization service Metaps released DirectTAP, an ad network that connects advertisers and app developers with zero commission. Highlights of DirectTAP are: 1) 100% Revenue Share: Direct-Tap is a new pay-per-click advertising network, which charges no commissions between advertiser and app developer, enabling app developers to earn the maximum advertisement revenue. 2) 100% Fill Rate: Along with the pay-per-click ads that are shown in DirectTAP, performance-based advertisements are used to fill remaining inventory, which in turn achieves 100% fill rate. 3) 100% House Ads: For developers wishing to promote their own apps, house ads can be used at no cost. It’s up to the user to choose the ratio of house ads and sponsored ads. With DirectTAP, it is possible to display up to 100% house ads. For advertisers who want more: DirectT AP provides additional premium services such as consulting and ad optimization at an additional cost. DirectTAP has been a closed beta that has grown to publishers with over 200 million downloads worldwide. DirectTAP only supports Android apps, but support will be extended to iPhone applications in the near future.

Metaps’ new platform DirectTAP gives 100% revenue share to publishers

Metaps Inc., a Japan-based Android monetisation platform, today released a new ad network which connects advertisers and app developers with zero commission, known as DirectTAP. With 100 percent of revenue going to publishers, Metaps will not be taking any margins. At the same time, the firm will be providing 100 percent fill rate, which is advertising speak for the percentage of ad requests filled with ads and displayed to the end user. Functioning as a pay-per-click advertising network, app developers will stand to earn the same amount of money advertisers pay per click. Developers wishing to promote their own apps can also utilise house advertisements, which refer to self-promotional pieces, at no cost. The question begs: how exactly will Metaps generate revenue through DirectTAP? Well, by using a freemium model, the 

Japan’s Metaps partners with KakaoTalk, helps Korean developers monetize apps

Japanese app monetization platform Metaps announced today that it has partnered with Kakao Corporation, the company behind the popular messaging app KakaoTalk, with the intention of intensifying its market expansion in Korea. KakaoTalk initially launched back in 2010, and now provides its messaging platform in 13 languages in 230 countries. It has acquired over 100 million users worldwide so far. With this latest partnership, both companies expect to help third-party developers using the Kakao Game platform to monetize and market their apps. As we recently reported, more and more global developers are getting into the Korean market these days. This trend also includes many Japanese startups as well.