Metaps Pte. Ltd. Announces the Global Simultaneous Release of "Metaps," an Achievement-based Reward Advertising Platform for Android Developers

SINGAPORE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Metaps Pte. Ltd., a developer of application platforms for Android devices, began offering achievement-based reward advertising services for Android developers, including features for 'attracting customers, posting, measuring, and improvement' all in one package.


Metaps released its reward advertising platform free of charge to support application developers in creating revenue streams from smart phones.
Metaps intends to expand the number of distributed applications and networks on a global scale by networking their previously released media platforms, such as "AppBonus", with various apps provided by other developers.

Currently, improving the profitability of apps is a challenge for developers due to the incredible amount of apps that are being released globally.
Seizing the popularization of Android devices in the global market as a large opportunity, Metaps is dispatching developer content not just in Japan, but overseas as well, focusing on Asia.
Metaps will continue to maximize profit for app developers while striving to make risk-free advertising a reality.


A system in which the application user earns points or items for use with the app being used, by downloading the advertisement in the app.


User activity rate increases because they can earn points, currency, or items within the app.
Ads are posted from Metaps' rich stock of highly accurate ads, making it possible to secure stable revenues.


Differs from CPC type advertising because it is achievement-based advertising – the advertising fee occurs only after the app has been completely installed and activated by end user.
Ad status and achievement confirmation status can be monitored in real time, allowing the advertiser to manage their planned budget.

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Target: Android application developer
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Company Name: Metaps Pte. Ltd.
Location: 10 Anson Road #14-06 International Plaza, Singapore
CEO: Katsuaki Sato
Description of Business: Achievement based advertising platforms for smart phone apps

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Company Name: e-factor Inc.
Location: Fukuchi building 7F, 6-29-8, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Description of Business: Achievement based advertising platforms for smart phone apps, and media content
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